Did you know that 61% of online spend was allocated to Google Search and Facebook ads in 2017. This percentage is expected to grow to over 70% in 2019.

The YAP dashboard and reporting tool give publishers real-time insight into which media assets and content formats currently generate the most revenue. This information helps publishers roll-out more competitive campaigns to potentially become the lead publisher within a specific niche.

Globally, the compounded annual growth rate for programmatic spend is expected to be 18% by 2021.

Our market and audience analyses are collected from the world’s largest and most trusted programmatic and data exchanges. This helps publishers establish the value of their output and performance on a global scale.

By 2019, 84% of display spend in the US and UK is expected to be allocated to programmatic. 

Publishers using YAP are guaranteed to increase their revenue by adjusting their strategies according to our collected data and recommendations.

The benefit for your business

Aside from providing detailed insight into audiences, we recommend the most suitable marketing opportunities for advertisers. This is done by monitoring revenue between publishers and advertisers.

We also make recommendations that help publishers achieve maximum returns.

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