We founded YAP in 2013, after noticing an opportunity for publishers and advertisers to optimise their monetisation strategies and reporting.

Since then, we’ve expanded to offer comprehensive analytics and data services to help publishers increase revenue.

Our Story

YAP is a comprehensive connector framework for publishers, linking multiple channels into a single data cube.

We manage the flow of advertising revenue between publishers and advertisers, by providing the best opportunities for advertisers and the maximum return for publishers. 

YAP is proudly powered by IBM’s leading reporting and analytics software.

Our Team

Paul Stemmet_Founder and CEO

Paul Stemmet

Entrepreneur and CEO, Paul Stemmet is a Solutions Architect with extensive experience in the digital advertising space. His expertise largely lies in audience building, software development and large system integration.

Lerissa van Schalkwyk

Lerissa van Schalkwyk

Project Coordinator, Lerissa van Schalkwyk currently controls all project activities and opportunities relative to the YAP Engine, including reporting concerns, scheduled software plans, and configuration management.

Stefan Havenstein

With more than a decade’s experience in Software Engineering, Senior Developer, Stefan Havenstein, has contributed to myriads of high-quality and innovative software solutions.

Kevin Dayton_CTO

Kevin Dayton

As Chief Architect and Developer, Kevin Dayton is responsible for the technology planning and implementation of all software on the YAP Engine. His experience spans over 11 years, working as a specialist in the integration of mobile applications and properties.