YAP generates more revenue from less inventory for online publishers, while providing better returns for advertisers. By using AI driven insights and multiple demand sources, we’re able to maximise yield for publishers.

Performance Dashboard

Real-time dashboards consolidate data from multiple sources and provide key performance indicators ensuring that you make the right decisions at the right time.

Powered by our propriety connector framework, the system ingests data from the best calibre of publisher and advertiser technology providers.

Competitor Analysis

Determine market averages and monitor the performance of relative publishers.

Pricing Algorithm

Our yield pricing algorithm finds patterns in factors that influence pricing and recommends the highest achievable revenue based on online and offline data sources. We use consumer based marketing techniques to ensure that the right people are targeted with relevant advertising. This results in less wastage and more inventory being available for monetisation.

Easy Onboarding

Collect data for reporting fast and effectively with our real-time dashboard features and receive automated daily and weekly reports.

Audience Analysis

Create more responsive content based on regional audience insights.


Consumer-based marketing is great but it can be a difficult process. With standard market tools, finding the right audiences for your specific campaign could be like searching for a small group in a jam-packed football stadium — from 10,000 feet.We zoom in and find the right people, not only by using AI, Big Data, and advanced targeting algorithms, but also by ensuring that our universe is populated by real people with real interests.

15 - 39%

Proven revenue increase by leading UK and SA publishers.


Sites in the YAP network.


Sites receiving active yield management.


Days until revenue lift takes effect.

Market Resources

We collect data from major market sources to provide you with real-time insights on one dashboard.

There’s no need to log into all your resource accounts to learn more about your audience. YAP extracts the most relevant information about your community based on their activity.