YAP was founded in 2013, after noticing an opportunity for publishers and advertisers to optimise their monetisation strategies and reporting.

Since then, we’ve expanded to offer comprehensive analytics and data services to help publishers increase revenue.

With YAP’s comprehensive connector framework we link multiple channels into a single data cube.

We manage the flow of advertising revenue between publishers and advertisers, by providing the best opportunities for advertisers and the maximum return for publishers. 

YAP generates more revenue for brands, agencies and publishers by reducing integration cost, providing audience driven insights and turnkey dashboarding solutions.

Our proprietary engine centralizes and consolidates all revenue and audience streams in one place, displaying real-time market analysis about the value of your leads benchmarked against your competitors. YAP leverages both online and offline data to profile your audiences and visualizes this giving you highly accurate insight into your audience profile.

YAP is proudly powered by IBM’s leading reporting and analytics software.

  • Reduce the cost of maintaining and integrating data sources from multiple commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products, through one engine (YAPengine) and distributing this data to multiple dashboards and reporting solutions (Datorama, Google Data Studio, Qlickview).
  • Reduce the cost of storage in your dashboarding solutions for example Qlikview and Datorama.
  • Enrich analytics data from multiple sources, by merging audience data with analytics campaigns.
  • Provide an out of the box, ready to use, turnkey, dashboard solution with full user management system that supports multi-user, security and login control capability.
  • Provide a platform to run AI Models and deploy machine learning.
  • Provide multi-touch attribution capability to consolidate leads from multiple channels.

YAP generates more revenue from less inventory for online publishers, while providing better returns for advertisers. By using AI driven insights and multiple demand sources, we’re able to maximise yield for publishers.


Using the YAPEngine’s powerful integration framework, we are able to integrate multiple data sources and define specific business objects and rules to consolidate data from these sources into a consistent stream of standardized data across the business.

Result: Up to 20% reduction in time spend to maintain, transform and standardize data across multiple sources.


Robust AI platform powered by IBM SPSS and Watson to that allows for customized AI models to be built and deployed into YAP Platform, providing real-time machine learning capability and feedback loop.

The YAPEngine provide clean, transformed data consistently to the YAPAI platform, resulting in reduced overheads to Data scientists.


The YAPEngine AI ability allows it to monitor data usage by solutions connected to it. In this way it is able to store and request the correct amount of information from sources to optimize, cost and functionality. Only the data that is requested 80% of the time is then provided to dash boarding solutions, whilst the other 20% is stored in the YAPStorage system available for immediate retrieval.

The YAPStorage system is powered by IBM DB2 Cloud analytics warehouse providing enterprise level retrieval and analytics performance.

Result: Reduce license and storage cost with 15%.

The YAPIDGraph allow YAP to monitor one lead across multiple channels and provide consolidated conversion metrics per lead.

Result: Reduce conversion cost 10%-15%.


Using our proprietary YAPIDgraph technology we are able to link sources that pass through the YAPEngine against audiences and individual people.

Through our partnership with some of the leading data providers in the market (Oracle Data Cloud, Liveramp, etc.) we are then able to enrich client data and link this data to the data stored and processed by the YAPEngine.

The YAPIDGraph allow YAP to monitor one lead across multiple channels and provide consolidated conversion metrics per lead.

Result: Reduce conversion cost 10%-15%.


Building and maintaining dash boarding solutions are complicated. Our dedicated dash boarding team assists you in designing, deploying and maintaining dashboards. Our dash boarding solution was specifically build for the agency and publisher operational environment.

Uniquely it supports a chat and communication functionality that links and consolidates conversations per date, allowing a brand and its agency to refer back to a “Snapshot” in time to determine why a specific scenario occurred.

It also utilized the YAPAI to provide forward prediction and alerts on campaigns.

Result: Controlled and predictable cost on dash boarding.

15 - 39%

Proven revenue increase by leading UK and SA publishers.


Sites in the YAP network.


Sites receiving active yield management.


Days until revenue lift takes effect.