The Problem

Agencies, brands and publishers use multiple off-the-shelf products to analyze campaigns and marketing performance. This is challenging and costly to maintain and usually requires specific costly continuous expertise.

Analytics, performance and marketing data is usually collected from multiple sources, but brands, agencies and publishers are unable to link this performance data back to people and audience data, in a consistent clear way.

Dashboarding solutions are complicated to customize and maintain and requires dedicated teams to ensure that the systems are correctly specified, designed and maintained.

It’s complicated to build, link and deploy AI models to clean, consolidated data.

The leading dashboarding solutions in the market’s costing models are based on the amount of data stored and processed. As a client’s data usage increases and as more historic data gets stored the cost quickly escalates on these systems.

Execution Strategy

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables.

Our execution methodology is based on IBM’s 10 stage data science methodology.

Market Resources

We collect data from major market sources to provide you with real-time insights on one dashboard.

There’s no need to log into all your resource accounts to learn more about your audience. YAP extracts the most relevant information about your community based on their activity.

What we do

Financial Benefits

10-15% reduction in media spend (vs existing targeting).

20% reduction in time spend by resources on data transformation and integration from multiple sources.

12%-15% decrease in conversion cost.

Technical Benefits

More consistent data across multiple sources.

Improved decision processes.

The benefit for your business

Aside from providing detailed insight into audiences, we recommend the most suitable marketing opportunities for advertisers. This is done by monitoring revenue between publishers and advertisers.

We also make recommendations that help publishers achieve maximum returns.

  • Reduce the cost of maintaining and integrating data sources from multiple commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products, through one engine (YAPEngine) and distributing this data to multiple dashboards and reporting solutions (Datorama, Google Data Studio, QlickView).
  • Provide an out of the box, ready to use, turnkey, dashboard solution with full user management system that supports multi-user, security and login control capability.
  • Provide a platform to run AI Models and deploy machine learning.
  • Enrich analytics data from multiple sources, by merging audience data with analytics campaigns.
  • Reduce the cost of storage in your dashboarding solutions for example QlikView and Datorama.
  • Provide Multi-touch Attribution capability to consolidate leads from multiple channels.
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