Recommended Pricing Variables

By using our fast and efficient YAP pricing strategy tool, you can gain up to 50% more advertising inventory and increase yield revenue.

Our real-time dashboards provide access to inventory performance from multiple sources. View your total revenue generated, the top performing creatives, top advertisers and average CPM for campaigns all in one place.

The Mismatch Between Growth and Revenue

YAP provides a simpler and more effective understanding of programmatic pricing than ever before.

In the past, publishers charged standardised industry rates due to having limited audience insight. Marketing opportunities for advertisers and agencies were random and massive opportunities to offer more detailed audience targeting were missed.

Power from the Engine

The YAP engine helps publishers determine the most accurate CTR (Click Through Rate) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) potential for their advertising campaigns.

Having a real-time display of current campaign performance, empowers publishers to pitch for projects that they know will perform well. This leads to a high degree of advertiser satisfaction and thus more publishing opportunities.

How the Commercial Model Works

Once a campaign is loaded, the system collects data based on initial impressions won, while learning which campaigns to bid for.

As new data is gathered, bids for high-performing inventory opportunities are increased and bids for poor-performing opportunities are decreased.

YAP utilises historical performance data to determine which bid would be most relevant and appropriate.

Yield Pricing Algorithm

The key inventory benefits of using YAP:

  • Having the ability to determine your true revenue potential as a publisher and not undercharging for output.

  • Getting to draw up a realistic price list.

  • Being more visible to buyers as an independent publisher.

  • Being able to display performance simply, clearly, and with a modern interface that is most suitable for online publishers.

Pattern Analysis

Developing an ad quality profile ensures that your direct sales channels do not interfere with your indirect sales channels.

YAP's powerful pattern analysis engine enables publishers to create unique quality profiles in order to be easily identifiable by advertisers and exchanges across the network of DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms).

Pricing Floors

Utilising the analytical data (including creative rules, guidelines, ad positioning and sizes) gathered through the YAP engine, publishers can develop pricing floors based on the quality and value of their content.